Monday, September 21, 2009

our shiny

Grace, our third child, is always smiling and sweet. As a baby we would check on her before bed and as we pulled the covers over her she would smile. In her sleep. She just shines.

When we moved into our new house she started to walk on her tiptoes. We didn't think much of it. She is super cautious by nature and the floors are all hardwood and slippery. It got worse. Off to the doctor who then sent us to see a physical therapist. Ellen, the p.t, thought it was bad enough to see a different doctor. That is when we got the very suprising diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

There are always moments in your life that are imprinted forever, that was one. Off we went to see a "super" specialist who confirmed our initial diagnosis.

Grace was then fitted for night splints to help her muscles stretch. She was a little scared but her smile never wavered. She was hoping they would be pretty. They were. I almost cried when they pulled them out of the package and we saw they were purple and had butterflies:) Grace was glowing.

She is very proud of them and whoever comes to our house has to see her special braces.

She shines like a star:-)

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