Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cucumbers, cucumbers and more cucumbers

Well our garden has exploded with cucumbers. My intention was to plant some and wait a week or so and then plant some more. Well I ended up planting a whole box and they were ready all at once. So I pickle.
There is something about putting up your own food for later that is so well just exciting and pioneerish and old and antique and I think you get the picture. Every time I open up my pantry and see these green jars looking at me I feel all settled and happy. Oh and do you see my chickens behind Evelyn? So lovely.

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  1. next step...fabric scraps covering your lids, with a pretty scrap piece of yarn tied tightly in a bow...it makes for an even more dramatic effect! You can even put the rings away for later pickling, I've heard.


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