Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a little change

We have been so busy here lately. School takes up so much of our time and when you add a very busy toddler into that you could go crazy.
A day in our life goes somewhat like this...breakfast, clean-up, get dressed, make beds, brush teeth and now we are ready for school. Get the older two going on their assignments and interest the younger two in an activity. Start to read with Grace...get interrupted by the baby climbing the stairs, get said baby down and begin reading, baby standing in doll stroller, get baby out and begin reading, baby going back up the stairs, get baby down and begin reading session, baby gets her fingers pinched in a drawer, screams, turns blue and eventually breathes again, begin reading session. And don't you know she tries to go up those stinking stairs again! Yikes. Now I become one frazzled mama and my smile is seriously slipping. Ahhh some days are better than others. Thank God for chocolate.

So amidst all my usual life we have been rearranging and moving furniture and cleaning and moving beds and rooms and kids. One of the rooms is mine that we are changing and we are not done, but I got a new quilt for my bed and just love it. Like really love it.

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