Sunday, April 25, 2010

fox in the hen house

This has been one of those weeks you wish you could go back and do everything differently. Monday as Meghan was doing dishes she saw a fox at the hen house. She ran out and scared it off. That night we realized we were missing a chicken.
So I kept them in their pen for a day...but feeling bad for them I let them out the next day and everything was fine. The following day we realized that another chicken was missing. So again I kept them in. We knew we were going to have to do something about the fox.
Well Saturday I let the chickens out because we were out working in the yard. Amidst all the noise that we make, the fox came back and under our noses stole our favorite chicken...Beatrice...our golden chicken.
Not a pretty sight.
Feather's everywhere.
Well all the kids are crying and I felt like losing it too because I am the one who let them out. Oh I wish I hadn't.
So we are saying goodbye to sweet Beatrice our favorite, golden chicken.

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