Tuesday, June 8, 2010

home sweet home

Finally home and boy does it feel good. We had a great time but that ride is loong :)
It can sound like this...are we there yet..how many miles have we gone..how many miles are left..how many hours is that..I'm hungry..I'm thirsty..I have to do to the bathroom..mama.. mama..turn the music on..turn the music up..turn it down..turn it off..give me my toy..take your toy..that's my pillow..that's my blanket..mama..meme(nursey time)..meme..don't lean on me..can I have gum..where's my water bottle..mama..are we there yet
I guess you get the picture.
They really are lovely children just not in the van.

So we are home and boy did the weeds grow, and the new grass.
Wow I have a lot to do.

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