Sunday, August 29, 2010

fair time

I love our county fair, even though it is the same year after year with very little change. Well actually that is probably why I like it. I don't like change and I really like knowing what to expect. Personality flaw ya know?
So anyway with all the animals to see and touch and admire, Mary's favorite was still the cows and she was screaming with joy over them all.(do you know how many cows there are at a fair?)
Love the exuberance.
Here she is giving this sweet lady her hard love.
(that is what we call her affection when her face looks like that)

This was Richard's favorite. A little bantam rooster.
He was beautiful.

My favorite.. the mama pig.
I love how pigs look like they are smiling.

These are her sweet babes. Nine of them.
Wish I caught them nursing.

Every year I come home from the fair with a renewed desire for a cow. This year was no exception and I think I am slowly convincing my man :)
Isn't she sweet?

Mary found her choice of wheels.

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