Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the new guy

We have our first rooster, given to us by friends. He is a barred rock with a typical rooster tail. He is a man.
It is very obvious.

He is not quite as big as my hens but I am hoping he will be catching up. Maybe he will have short man syndrome.

Here he is flapping his wings making sure every one knows that.. well he is the man in charge. The girls obey quite well but he insists on exerting his authority every chance he gets.

We let them out to free range and it didn't go well. This batch of chickens haven't been out as much due to summertime business and the fox.
So we let them out and one of the Rhode Island reds flipped her lid, flew all over did somersaults and flips before I finally caught her and left her panting in her house.
Then Mary walked over and sat down to watch and Zebadiah the rooster, perceiving her as a threat, ran over and attacked her. He jumped on her, then kept flying after her with his wings flapping until we could rescue her. She of course was screaming her head off.
Oh well.

My favorite thing Zeb does is crow nice and early every morning. I love it..absolutely love it.

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