Thursday, June 14, 2012


Poor Meghan had to have four adult teeth removed.
 I can't believe the size of these things. 

This is her two days after the extraction and right before we left to get her braces on. 
You can see the empty spots.

And this is her after she got her braces on.

Now I have two! in braces.


  1. I'm amazed at what parallels there are in our lives! Emma just got braces in March. Erik will probably get them this fall or spring. And Ellie is a certainty as well. FWIW, I too had 4 adult teeth pulled so I could get braces...back in the Dark Ages.

    1. Haha Deja, I had the same four adult teeth out that Meg had to have. She is doing great with them. She did have a lot more pain than Richard though. Grace is also starting the process by getting some teeth pulled.


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