Monday, August 27, 2012

a peek at the garden

So my garden has just been amazing this year...but I didn't take many pictures. With my sister here for four weeks my garden turned into a scary jungle...but was still producing like crazy.  I think the only thing that saved it was all the time I had put into it up until that point. We had weeded and laid straw down. Oh and did I mention all the time spent picking tomato worms! (hate them)

We had a corn husking party and I froze it all up. It was so sweet and crunchy. Can't wait to add it to soups this winter.

These carrots got picked just to see how they were doing. :)

So I cheat and freeze my tomatoes instead of canning them. I think they taste fresher and my father-in-law gifted us with a beautiful chest freezer.
My sister and I did make tons of jam while she was here. Again I took no pictures. We made blueberry, juneberry, and raspberry together and I had made some black raspberry jam before she got here. Hopefully I will be able to make grape jam again this year.
Anyway we are well stocked for winter.

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