Tuesday, August 21, 2012

first day of school

Is it normal for kiddos to be so excited for school to start? I mean these crazy kids have been counting down the days until they could start school. Don't get me wrong I love that they love school but come on. :)
I really love the curriculum I use. It integrates all the ages so we do so much of our work together then they break off to do there own Math and English. Meg and Richard do their math on the computer and we use Rosetta Stone for our foreign language.

 See this girl right here. Well let me tell you about her. She chased me around all day begging to do school. If you could hear her sweet lisp you would love it even more but on the serious side I have to do something with this girl to keep her occupied.  Then I remember that I did have all these things for her to do but for some reason after twenty seconds she needed something new. Gotta love toddlers.

I like to post what we are having for breakfast and dinner so I won't be asked every forty seconds the entire day. :)  Then I am only asked how I am going to make it and when mommy are you going to start and can I please help please?
They did all help make this simple soup and Meg made biscuits and we all made a special cake to go with it celebrating our first day of school. Really it was a great day. And today we get to do it all over.

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