Wednesday, October 31, 2012

on Mary's day

This sweet little girl is four! Loved how she chose to celebrate. 
In our house the birthday person gets to chose what they will eat for every meal, who will do their chores, and who will join in for the cake and gifts. This makes the day just for them and they plan this a good year in advance. Usually the planning starts taking place the day after any birthday. This will inspire everyone to revamp their own wish list and menu plan. It also means that if they are feeling a little peeved at a sibling that particular person will be asked to do the most dreaded chore they have. :)  If the kiddo can write I will find menus for weeks prior. It really is a fun way to make that person feel super special. 
Richard usually gets all the dreaded chores because he is the only boy and well he loves to tease his sisters. He does not in any way ever learn from this. :)

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