Thursday, September 10, 2009

goodbye summer, goodbye camp

The summer I know is not officially over but camp and the pool are. My sister lives in Virginia and every year she comes up for the month of July. These are some pictures of the cousins playing and just being together. My children look forward to them coming and cry when they leave.

They love to fish and many hours are spent on this dock catching fish, snails, frogs, minnows, seaweed, and other weird creatures.

The girls are exceptionally proficient at catching fish in nets. They lay on the dock and hold their nets in the water and wait...and wait and quick scoop the fish up. There you go boys. Girls don't even need hooks.

Here are all of them including Richard who is hard to catch. Mine are blond and Jenn's girls have the dark hair. From left to right- Meghan, holding Mary, Lillianna, Grace, Caroline, Richard and Evelyn. So happy :)

So camp is over for the year and already the kids are talking about what they will do next year. Even though fall is my favorite time of year it is sad when camp house time is over.

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