Friday, September 11, 2009

my sweet chickens

In April we decided to get chickens. 25 of them! I have always wanted chickens and after all most twelve years of marriage I finally got them. I love them. I love them. They have so much personality and are just as cute as can be.

It has been a fun home school project for the kids. It takes some dedicated care, you can't forget about them or they die. We cleaned their rumps of pasty butt and dipped their precious beaks in water. When you care like that you develop a bond.

They are all named.....Beatrice, Penelope, Constance, Maude, Gertie, Mortisha, Aunt Dolores, name a few. I have never been one to be squeamish about where my food comes from, but I joke with my husband that even though these chickens are dual purpose (for laying and eating) I will most likely end up with 25 pet graves because I just don't think I can eat them!

Here is the coop my husband slapped together. Look at their sweet heads looking out:)

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