Friday, February 18, 2011

my birthday girl

My baby is twelve! Oh help :)
One of the things my children love - is on their birthday I tell of the special day they came into our lives. It always brings tears to my eyes to recapture the moment of first discovering who they are. With Meg it was so unforgettable because it was my first.
They laid her on my belly still attached by her pulsing cord, she cried with the sweetest pout on her adorable face. I was shaking and saying over and over you are here you are here you are finally here. Her warm weight was so surprising. As I talked to her she quited, turned her face to me and I was forever lost to a love so deep and pure. Meghan opened that for me. Made me a mommy made me realize how precious life is. Made me want so much for her.
As I recount the details for her I feel that emotion of not quite being able to believe what had happened. That love for a child had come into my life and changed me...forever.
Happy birthday my sweet baby, my beautiful daughter.

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