Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A day in the life of a home schooling mama

6:00   Baby wakes up, feed, change and put him back down
7:47   up with baby, feed, change, and put him in bouncy seat, shower
Now I no longer watch the clock but instead go by events of my day
*   check email while nursing Owen
*   mix up bread
*   eat breakfast that Meg prepared (scrambled eggs and toast)
*   start a wash
*   start soup
*   start applesauce
*   clean fridge out
Grace and Evelyn are my helpers and I count it towards home economics
*   fold laundry
*   punch down bread and put in pans
*   start the kiddos in their independent school time
*   stir soup and applesauce
*   switch laundry and start another load
*   encourage Mary to write neater
*   encourage Richard to say his Spanish words quietly
*   clean cloth diaper pail, replace liner and add essential oils
*   put bread in oven
*   turn applesauce off
*   wash out fridge
*   check on sleeping baby, admire his sweetness and forget to move on for a few minutes
*   check on accomplished school work and send the three girls out to play
It is now 11:00
*   fold another load of laundry
*   take bread out of oven
*   nurse and cuddle baby
*   eat lunch (chicken noodle soup, fresh bread and apples)
*   clean up kitchen (all of us)
*   put stewed apples through food mill, add cinnamon
*   start another load of laundry
*   fold another load
*   nurse baby
*   school instruction time for Richard, Grace, and Evelyn
*   nurse baby
*   school
*   nurse baby
*   start dinner
*   outside for fresh air...its a beautiful fall day
*   daddy's home
*   dinner (baked squash, oven roasted potatoes, coleslaw, and applesauce)
*   clean up
*   bath for Owen
*   feed Owen and tuck kiddo's in bed
*   bed for me! (it's 9:30)

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