Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just a little reminiscing on how big my Meg has gotten. I mean really where does time go? She was just a little girl prancing around in a tutu and feather boa. Sigh.

This past week Meg went away for the first time. A whole week, a whole seven days with out seeing her sweet face.

It was so hard to let her go. Except for a night or two at friends I have been with this girl for fourteen and a half years. But all that to say that she did great and actually so did I. While she was gone, Dick and I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to switch some rooms around and give her her own room. That involved switching Evelyn and Mary into the big room with Grace and putting Richard where they were and painting, painting, painting. But we got it all done even though we worked right up until she came in the door.

But got it done we did!

She cried so hard. I cried so hard. Needless to say I am so glad she is home. So glad she had the opportunity to serve missionary families for the week. So glad that her sweetness follows her wherever she goes. So glad she liked the color I picked. Just so glad!

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