Friday, September 20, 2013


It is one of the sweetest things to see these two together. Richard is over the moon for his little brother and spends lots of time talking and playing with him.

Owen went to the Dr.'s last week and weighed ten pounds and nine ounces. I was very happy with this weight as we are watching his weight gain closely. You see, Owen was diagnosed with a type 3 tongue and lip tie. This can cause serious problems with nursing and weight gain. I have dealt with a cracked nipple and two bouts of mastitis. Seriously not fun. Actually until five weeks postpartum I had not had one nursing session that was pain free. And I mean bend you over, deep breathing, pain. It was so difficult. But I did heal up and nursing has finally been enjoyable.

This is not the first time we have dealt with a tongue tie. Meg and Richard both had there tongues clipped at birth and Grace has a lip tie. Honestly Dick and I laugh over the fact that we really should of had a check list before we had kids. The lip tie is from his family and the tongue tie is from mine. This is the first time that it has interfered with nursing though. I finally understand why some people give up nursing. If it wasn't for my amazing midwife who came and sat with me in my feverish haze and helped me for two hours figure out how to get Owen to latch differently I might have thrown in the towel. A different position and salt water soaking finally healed my nipple cracker (as I liked to call it!).

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